Platform and DAW:

Mac OSX ver. 10.12.4 with Pro Tools ver. 12.8.1

AD/DA Converter:

Lynx Aurora(n)


24 available input channels with 24 motorized Avid Artist Mix faders


Avalon AD2022 dual mono class A

Warm Audio WA-412 4-channel Mic Preamp with DI

Audient asp 800 8 channel with HMX and IRON (2)

SPL Track One with De-Esser, Compressor/Limiter, 3-band EQ, and Output Metering (2)


DBX 1046 4 channel

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor (2)


API 5500 dual equalizer


We have an array of condenser, dynamic, and ribbon microphones. If you prefer something specific, please contact us for details.

Monitor Speakers:

Genelec 8330A’s with 7350A sub and (SAM) smart active monitoring

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